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凌叔華《古韻》Ancient Melodies

凌叔華 Ancient Melodies by Su Hua, lONDON: Hogarth Press 1953



挽聯只有我寫的一幅 文曰

  • Ancient melodies /​ by Su Hua; with an introduction by V. Sackville-West.
  • Ling, Shuhua, 1904-
  • London, : Hogarth P., 1969.
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  • 256 p. : illus. ; 21 cm.
  • "First published 1953."
  • English
  • 0701203358
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From Publishers Weekly

The author of these charming reminiscences, one of the many daughters of an ex-mayor of Peking, was encouraged as a writer and painter by Virginia Woolf with whom she began a correspondence in the 1930s. The two never met: Woolf had died by the time Su Hua moved to London in 1947. With delicate verbal strokes, the author paints the canvas of her comfortable childhood as the daughter of her father's fourth concubine in a household of courtyards that encompassed six mothers and their children, as well as servants who tended the complicated daily routines of life for the privileged in China just prior to the Boxer rebellion. These gently traced stories of a lost world hint at the imminent social changes. Published in England in the '50s and only now appearing in the United States, this memoir recreates for a new audience a book Vita Sackville-West praised for its "delightful sketches of a vanished way of life on the other side of the world."
Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 255 pages
  • Publisher: Universe Pub; First Edition. 1 in number line edition (October 1988)
  • Language: English


“古韵”悠然 真情生魅

不知何故,凌叔华思量已久的翻译计划一直未能实现,不过她与英文的渊源换了另一种方式呈现——她的英文自传体小说《Ancient Melodies》于1953年出版。该书由英国著名女作家弗吉尼亚·伍尔芙和她丈夫创办的霍加斯书屋出版,一经出版,很快即引起英国评论界的重视,成为畅销书。当时的《泰晤士报文学副刊》评论说:“叔华平静、轻松地将我们带进那座隐蔽着古文明的院落。现在这种文明已被扫得荡然无存,但那些真正热爱过它的人不会感到快慰。她向英国读者展示了一个中国人情感的新鲜世界。高昂的调子消失以后,古韵犹存,不绝于耳。”不过这本书被译为中文并在中国大陆出版,则是相距原版首次印行的40年之后,即1994年傅光明先生翻译并由中国华侨出版社出版,书名译作《古韵》。全书从写作到英文出版,前后经历了十数年,其中关系着一段偶然而特殊的因缘。






[2003-10-06] 才女凌叔華

才女凌叔華- 香港文匯報

2003年10月6日 ... 凌叔華一九零零年出生北京一個仕宦與書畫世家,父親為清末翰林,精於詩詞,家 ... 魯迅曾為她寫下評語:「凌叔華的小說,卻發祥於這一種期刊《現代 ..











Dwellings A Spiritual History of the Living World

DwellingsAn Excerpt from Dwellings: A Spiritual History of the Living World by Linda Hogan

Linda Hogan writes poetic prose about what she has learned from nature. In this passage, she finds hope in an unlikely place.

"There are so many beginnings. In Japan, I recall, there were wildflowers that grew in the far, cool region of mountains. The bricks of Hiroshima, down below, were formed of clay from these mountains, and so the walls of houses and shops held the dormant trumpet flower seeds. But after one group of humans killed another with the explosive power of life's smallest elements split wide apart, the mountain flowers began to grow. Out of the crumbled, burned buildings they sprouted. Out of destruction and bomb heat and the falling of walls, the seeds opened up and grew. What a horrible beauty, the world going its own way, growing without us. But, perhaps this, too, speaks of survival, of hope beyond our time."

Book Review

By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

A Spiritual History of the Living World
Linda Hogan
Touchstone 09/96 Hardcover $12.00
ISBN: 0684830337

Chickasaw poet, novelist, and essayist Linda Hogan brings together 16 pieces growing out of her readings of the natural world, plants, animals, and Native American rituals. In beautiful prose that will send shivers up and down your spine, she articulates the mystical connections between Earth's relations. Hogan reflects poetically upon the language of corn and sunflowers; the fears and misapprehensions we bring to encounters with snakes, bats, and wolves; and the yearnings we all have for communication with other species.

In one of the best essays, the author writes about a sweat lodge ceremony as a ritual of healing designed to re-connect humans with "our broken-off pieces of self and world." Dwellings is contemporary wisdom literature at its capacious best — full of both soul and spirit.


Dwellings: a spiritual history of the living world - Google 圖書結果

Linda Hogan - 1996 - History - 160 頁
Written in the form of stories and suffused with a reverence for the earth, a collection of meditations explores the mysteries of such subjects as bees, ...

書林書店: 知名美國原住民文學作家Linda Hogan將至淡大英文系演講- yam ...

2009年3月2日 ... 美國原住民詩人琳達‧霍根(Linda Hogan)曾說,「我想我的作品都是來自於... 此外,她的散文,如《住所》(Dwellings ,1995),則更深層地從居民或 ...

At Bookstore, Even Those Not Buying Regret Its End

On Monday afternoon, Jai Cha walked out of the Barnes & Noble at 66th Street and Broadway in Manhattan as he does nearly every week — without a book.

Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

The 66th Street Barnes & Noble store, by Lincoln Center, has hosted readings and events focused on the performing arts.

Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

The Barnes & Noble on 66th Street in Manhattan is closing next year.

“I’m just killing time,” said Mr. Cha, a 30-year-old lawyer, his hands stuffed deep in his pockets. “I’ve been coming here to read Bill Simmons’s ‘Book of Basketball,’ about a chapter at a time.”

He might have to hurry. Barnes & Noble announced on Monday that at the end of January it would close the store, a four-story space across the street from Lincoln Center that has been a neighborhood landmark since it opened nearly 15 years ago.

“We recognize that this store has been an important part of the fabric of the Upper West Side community since we opened our doors on Oct. 20, 1995,” Mary Ellen Keating, a company spokeswoman, said in a statement. “However, the current lease is at its end of term, and the increased rent that would be required to stay in the location makes it economically impossible for us to extend the lease.”

It has been a bumpy year for Barnes & Noble, the country’s largest book chain, with 720 stores. Sales and store traffic have suffered as the book business has shifted online;Amazon has held its early lead in the e-reader war; and early this month, Barnes & Noble put itself up for sale and is now in the midst of a battle for control of the company with Ronald W. Burkle, the billionaire investor.

People browsing at the Lincoln Center store on Monday lamented the loss of one of the city’s largest and most prominent bookstores, a sprawling space with a cafe on the fourth floor and an enormous music selection. For devoted theatergoers, it was a reliable site for readings and events that focused on the performing arts. (Still on the fall schedule are appearances by Patti LuPone and Elaine Paige.)

But many of those same people conceded that they have not bought as many books there as they did in the past. Some said they were more likely to browse the shelves, then head home and make purchases online. Others said they prized the store most for its sunny cafe or its magazines and other nonbook items.

“Oh, I really am sad,” said Lillian Kelly, a 70-year-old retiree, upon hearing the news that the store would close. “I love buying my greeting cards here.”

Ms. Kelly said she visited the store at least twice a week, usually heading upstairs to read magazines and to pick up a sandwich and cup of Starbucks coffee.

“They’re getting business out of me, I suppose,” she said. “Even though I’m sitting there reading magazines for free.”

Roger Hawkins, a former television news producer who was busy e-mailing on his laptop in the cafe, said he had been a Barnes & Noble member, giving him additional discounts on purchases, but let his membership lapse after he started buying audiobooks online instead. “There are other reasons that people come to this bookstore,” Mr. Hawkins said. “You don’t have park benches on the street anymore. It’s hard to find a place where you can sit down and have a cup of coffee.”

At the store’s entrance on Broadway, a steady stream of customers pushed through the revolving doors. A teenager in a turquoise T-shirt walked out, scarfing down a scone, but with no books in his hand. A couple from Tennessee paused outside the store, but decided to wander down the block to the Lincoln Square movie theater instead.

Melissa Rosati, an adjunct professor of publishing at Pace University, said she bought nearly everything online but came to the store on Monday to spend a $25 gift card on “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell.

“It’s not like I’m going to miss it that much,” she said. “There’s another Barnes & Noble on 82nd and Broadway” (the one known for helping put the beloved independent bookstore across the street from it, Shakespeare & Company, out of business 14 years ago).

Ms. Keating, the Barnes & Noble spokeswoman, said a search was under way for a new location on the Upper West Side, but she declined to provide details.

Two other Barnes & Noble stores in Manhattan, one on Astor Place and one in Chelsea, have closed in the last three years. But Barnes & Noble still has the huge store at 82nd Street, and in July 2009, it opened a 50,000-square-foot superstore at 86th Street and Lexington Avenue.

One result of the book chain’s uncertain year may be that much of the old animosity toward Barnes & Noble, once seen by some residents as a corporate bully that helped squash small, independent bookstores, has lately been replaced with affection.

Monica Blum, the president of the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District, said she detected a change in the way people viewed big bookstores.

“It is a community gathering space,” Ms. Blum said. “I think the larger bookstores have worked hard to become those kinds of spaces.”

Dora Schulman, a shoe saleswoman who has lived in the neighborhood since the 1960s, left clutching a CD. “It’s a pity,” she said. “All the stores on my route are closing — first Tower Records, then Blockbuster, now this.”




景色优美的韦茨拉尔市位于兰河岸边,年轻的沃尔夫冈·冯·歌德(Wolfgang von Goethe)按照父亲的心愿,在帝国高等法院实习。时间是1772年。那时的歌德根本无心钻研枯燥的法律学,而是坠入爱河,钟情于已经订婚的年轻姑娘夏绿蒂·布芙(Charlotte Buff)。这是一段充满痛苦的情感经历,但它却使歌德灵感勃发,两年后创作出版了举世名作《少年维特之烦恼》。从此以后,韦茨拉尔成为与法兰克福和魏玛齐名的第三大歌德城。




1810年,歌德的著作《颜色论》正式出版发行。此书与《浮士德》类似,耗尽了歌德数十年的心血。 在知名的光学城韦茨拉尔,奥利弗·麦耶尔·艾伦特(Oliver Meyer-Ellendt)亲自担任导演,将歌德的《颜色论》以非常轻快消遣的方式搬上了戏剧舞台,并取名为"色彩本质"。



"我们穿越韦茨拉尔老城,追随歌德和与其同代人的足迹,穿越歌德与色彩打交道的年代。 "


如果歌德没有从自己的小小实验中发现伟大的科学家牛顿的推论错误的话,就不是歌德了。在每次展示自己的新发现时,歌德总是非常自信地大声对在场的观众说:"看啊,牛顿完全弄错了: 纯粹的白光会形成光谱,分解为各种颜色?实在是太愚蠢了!这怎么可能呢,每一种颜色都比白光的颜色更深。"歌德对颜色本质的理解完全不同于牛顿。歌德认为,颜色是亮光与黑暗共同作用的结果。歌德在自己的著作里对这一论点进行了详细地阐述。






严格地说,歌德和牛顿对光的理解如今都已过时。根据量子物理学的原理,光并非由粒子组成,而是一个整体。自19世纪以来,德国诸多大型光学企业就在韦茨拉尔扎根,如同莱兹(Leitz)和亨索尔特(Hensoldt)一样。韦茨拉尔计划在歌德《颜色论》诞生200周年之际,于11月份举办展览,为观众介绍歌德的颜色理论以及与此有关的不同见解和辩论等。展会的名字叫"伊利丝和颜色的发明"。届时,人们将亲眼目睹难得一见的历史真迹和展品。该展览的策展人埃西勒尔 (Anja Eichler)博士介绍展出方案时表示:"我们将展出许多当年的印刷品和图书。也就是所谓的颜色书籍,书中详细描述了颜色的化学和自然组成,比例关系等等,并记录了各种色调和准确的名称。"


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Oxford English Dictionary

Internet wiping out printed Oxford Dictionary

LONDON — The publisher of the Oxford English Dictionary says waning demand for printed versions means that the authoritative guide to the English language may only live online in the future.

The Oxford University Press says Sunday because of the increasing market for the dictionary's online version, the latest edition of the dictionary will only go to print if there is enough demand for the printed volume when it becomes ready.

A team of 80 lexicographers are preparing the third edition of the dictionary. The current edition of the dictionary — 20 volumes costing 750 pounds ($1,165) — was printed in 1989 and has sold about 30,000 sets.

The publisher says that 2 million entries from the online dictionary are viewed each month.

中國文化中報、保、包之意義 (錢賓四先生學術文化講座叢書)




東方台湾語辞典 / 村上嘉英編著




書名東方台湾語辞典 / 村上嘉英編著
主要作者村上 嘉英
出版項東京都 : 東方書店, 2007
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總圖1F一般/人社參考書區 Ref 803.33 4424 [鄰近架位館藏] 3094984 限館內閱覽
總圖1F一般/人社參考書區 Ref 803.33 4424 3095032 限館內閱覽

稽核項24,499面 : 圖 ; 20公分
ISBN/價格978-4-497-20704-3 平裝