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"The Pickwick Papers" by Charles Dickens;線上閱讀狄更斯!/The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens/ most adapted author of all time

"Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; that can transport the sailor and the traveller, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home!"
~from "The Pickwick Papers" by Charles Dickens
In this classic social commentary from Dickens, Mr. Samuel Pickwick, retired business man and confirmed bachelor, is determined that after a quiet life of enterprise the time has come to go out into the world. Together with the other members of the Pickwick Club: Tracy Tupman, Augustus Snodgrass and Nathaniel Winkle, the portly innocent embarks on a series of hilariously comic adventures. But can Pickwick retain his good will towards his fellow humans once he discovers the evils of the world?

'Death and Mr. Pickwick'


A novelist argues that 'The Pickwick Papers' was hijacked from its illustrator.


今天(2012.02.07)是英國大文豪狄更斯(Charles Dickens, 1812.02.07-1870.06.09)200歲冥誕,狄更斯被譽為歷來數一數二的英語作家,其作品有《塊肉餘生錄》、《遠大行程》、《孤雛淚》、《尼古拉斯.尼克貝》、《小氣財神》、《雙城記》等,皆可堪稱永垂不朽的經典小說。在眾多作品中,帶自傳體性質的小說《塊肉餘生錄(David Copperfield)》,被許多人視為狄更斯的代表作臺大圖書館數位學習網的「線上文學書房—英國文學篇」中,就有一門《塊肉餘生錄》導讀課程,由臺大外文系周樹華老師與古佳艷老師進行精彩的對談,帶領您從不同面向重新閱讀《塊肉餘生錄》文本。該課程同時提供臺大圖書館相關館藏書目、重要相關網站等資訊,亦有下載區提供導讀內容的mp3檔及精選文本的文字pdf檔,從線上閱讀到行動學習,今天不妨就來讀讀狄更斯吧!

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Dickens, Charles (b. 2/07/1812 - d.6/09/1870)
Anthologies / Collections
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Classic Fiction
DICKENS / JAMES: Classic Ghost Stories NA245912
DICKENS, C.: American Notes (Unabridged) AS-AM308
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Junior Classic Fiction
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The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens

  • Paperback: 258 pages
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press (June 18, 2001)
  • Language: English

The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens Preface; The life and times of Charles Dickens; From Sketches to Nickleby; The middle novels; Moments of decision in Bleak House; Novels of the 1850s; The late novels; Fictions of childhood; Fictions of the city; Gender, family, and domestic ideology; Dickens and language; Dickens and the form of the novel; Dickens and illustration; Dickens and theatre; Dickens and film; Selected bibliography; Supplementary Material;

How to cite (Modern Language Association style):

John O. Jordan. "The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens." The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens. Cambridge University Press, 2001. Cambridge Collections Online. Cambridge University Press. 12 February 2012


Charles Dickens bicentenary to be marked with film and TV retrospective

BFI plans comprehensive season celebrating most adapted author of all time in early 2012

Alec Guinness and John Mills in David Lean's 1946 film of Great Expectations
Alec Guinness and John Mills in David Lean's film adaptation of Great Expectations, released in 1946. Photograph: Picture Post/Getty Images
From Alec Guinness as Fagin to Miss Piggy as Mrs Cratchit, the BFI is staging a three-month retrospective of Dickens on film and TV on London's South Bank from January, to mark the novelist's bicentenary.. The season is curated by Michael Eaton and Co-curator Adrian Wootton, said Dickens's influence on cinema and TV had been immense and continues right up to the present day, with Mike Newell's Great Expectations the next movie outing for Dickens. "It demonstrates that he is not a dead, grey old man sitting on dusty shelves who nobody reads, he is a living breathing artist whose work just keeps on rippling and resonating through our culture."
All the novels have been adapted to some degree. There are around 100 silent films, of which around a third still exist, "although we keep finding new ones all over the world and I still think there's many more out there," said Eaton.The season will include the earliest extant example of Dickens on film, a fragment from 1901 called Scrooge – or Marley's Ghost, and a version of Oliver Twist starring Jackie Coogan, who made his name in Charlie Chaplin's The Kid and who, much later in life, made his name all over again as Uncle Fester in the The Addams Family. The film was believed lost for decades until a print turned up in Yugoslavia in the 70s. Coogan himself helped with its reconstruction. Classic Dickens adaptations will include David Lean's 1948 Oliver Twist, Carol Reed's 1968 musical Oliver! and Roman Polanski's 2005 darker take. The curators said many people first encountered Dickens through TV and so five major adaptations will be screened in their entirety, beginning with Our Mutual Friend (1976) and ending with Bleak House (1985) in March. The RSC's eight-hour production The Life & Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, which was on the fledgling Channel 4, will also be screened with a panel discussion involving directors Trevor Nunn and John Caird, and actor David Threlfall who died so memorably as Smike.
Purists will also be delighted to see The Muppet Christmas Carol, which had Michael Caine as Scrooge and Kermit as Bob Cratchit, being shown in Christmas week.
The season is just one element of Dickens 2012, an international celebration marking the bicentenary of his birth on 7 February 2012.


特展首席籌辦人沃納表示,狄更斯(Charles Dickens)是十九世紀文壇最重要的作家,他的影響力遍及全球,作品同時翻譯成歐洲多種語言,也翻譯成中文。


沃納說,特展裡不容錯過的是狄更斯使用過的桌椅,他在展出桌椅上完成《遠大前程》(Great Expectations)及《我們共同的朋友》(Our Mutual Friends)二部重要作品。


更難得的是,參觀者可以在展場看到狄更斯經典作品《荒涼山莊》(Bleak House)及《塊肉餘生》(David Copperfield)的手稿。



David Copperfield and Dora Spenlow with her pet dog, Jip. From 'The Works of Charles Dickens Household edition [With illustrations].' (1872)