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Oxford Companion to Films 台灣曾有翻印

Free Bilingual Dictionaries Now Added to Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries have announced the addition of free bilingual dictionaries to their online dictionary site. Using the Oxford Dictionaries website, you can now translate English words into French, German, Italian, and Spanish using the free translation resource.
Oxford, United Kingdom, July 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Oxford Dictionaries have added free bilingual dictionaries to its existing English language dictionary. Users can now translate thousands of dictionary entries into French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages. For many English dictionary definitions, users now have the option to translate into French; translate into German; translate into Italian, or translate into Spanish. For more information, visit http://oxforddictionaries.com or call +44(0) 1865 556767.

“The addition of free bilingual dictionaries to Oxford Dictionaries Online is yet another example of Oxford University Press’s commitment to providing quality language resources,” said Head of Marketing Daniel Stewart. “Everyone from the language student to the holiday-maker has turned to a bilingual dictionary at some point, and by offering free bilingual dictionaries online we hope to make high-quality resources for language translation and language learning that little bit more accessible.”

“We currently update our free online dictionary four times a year, with new words and senses, so we will now be able to offer translations of up-to-date vocabulary in French, German, Italian, and Spanish,” added Daniel Stewart. “Whether it is to check a word’s spelling or meaning, our users can improve their language skills for free using Oxford Dictionaries.”

About Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Dictionaries is part of Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford. The Oxford Dictionaries website provides a free online dictionary of current English. This online dictionary features Oxford definitions of words, along with advice on correct grammar, British spelling and American spelling, and punctuation, plus guidelines to help people to improve their English usage.

As well as the English dictionary the site offers free online bilingual dictionaries in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. With one click, translate English-French / French-English, English-German / German-English, English-Italian / Italian-English, or English-Spanish / Spanish-English.

Oxford Dictionaries Online also features word games including hangman, the Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge, crosswords, and an FAQ section that answers questions like ‘How many words are there in the English Language?’ Subscribers to the professional Oxford Dictionaries Pro website gain access to additional English language resources for writers, including an Oxford thesaurus.

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Oxford Companion to XX
這系列的參考書 應該超過百來本了

Oxford English Dictionary emphasize emotion as agitation, perturbation, and 'feeling' or 'affection' — as ... "emotion." The Oxford Companion to the Body. 2001. .

The Oxford Companion to World Exploration

Two-volume set
ISBN13: 9780195149227ISBN10: 019514922X Hardback, 1072 pages
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Covering all aspects of global exploration, from Antarctica to the North Pole, The Oxford Companion to World Exploration examines the lives and expeditions of heroic and influential explorers. This coverage includes biographies, including Lewis and Clark, Ferdinand Magellan, Cheng Ho, Hernan Cortes, Ibn Battuta, Vitus Bering, and Christopher Columbus; national expeditions, including Portuguese, British, French, Chinese, Dutch, and Spanish; and navigational and marine sciences, such as navigational techniques, ancient and medieval navigation, ocean currents and winds, longitude, cartography, and aerial surveys. The Companion's temporal scope ranges from the ancient cultures of Egypt, Persia, Greece, Byzantium, China, Polynesia, and Rome, through to modern space exploration. The articles have been written by leading scholars from across the globe, utilizing the most current scholarship in the field of exploration studies.

The Companion contains 800 entries, supplemented by 150 black-and-white and 50 full-color photographs and maps. Annotated primary source materials, such as travel logs and personal letters, supplement select biographies. Each entry is signed by a leading scholar in the field, contains a bibliography for further reading, and is cross-referenced to other useful points of interest within the Companion. Published in association with the Newberry Library in Chicago, the Companion reproduces more than 100 images from that institution's world-renowned collection.

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1072 pages; 152 b/w halftones & maps, 79 color illus.; 8-1/2 x 11; ISBN13: 978-0-19-514922-7ISBN10: 0-19-514922-X

About the Author(s)

David Buisseret graduated from Cambridge University in 1964, and has since taught at universities in the West Indies and the United States. He currently teaches at the University of Texas at Arlington. Among his publications are: From Sea Charts to Satellite Images: Interpreting North American History Through Maps, University of Chicago Press, 1990; The Mapmakers' Quest: Depicting New Worlds in Renaissance Europe, Oxford University Press, 2003; Creolization in the Americas, Texas A&M Press, 2000; Jamaica in 1687, University of West Indies Press, 2006. He also the serves as the editor of Terra Incognitae, the journal of the Society of the History of Discoveries.

讀到Aalgonquin Group

The Oxford Companion to American Literature

Algonquin Round Table was a group of journalists, playwrights, actors, and writers who gathered daily at a special table in the Rose Room at the Algonquin Hotel on West Forty-fourth Street in New York City from 1919 to about 1929. Their witticisms and jokes appeared in Franklin P. Adams's column "The Conning Tower" in the New York Tribune, conveying an alluring "insider's" image of metropolitan literary and theatrical life to far-flung readers. Core members included Adams, Robert Benchley, Heywood Broun, Edna Ferber, George S. Kaufman, Harpo Marx, Dorothy Parker, Robert Sherwood, Alexander Woollcott, and Harold Ross, editor of The New Yorker.
Bryan, J., 3d. Merry Gentlemen (and One Lady). New York: Atheneum, 1985.
Gaines, James R. Wit's End: Days and Nights of the Algonquin Round Table. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1977.
—Mina Carson


Joseph Andrews - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - [ 翻譯這個網頁 ]But while Shamela started and finished as a sustained subversion of a rival work
, in Joseph Andrews Fielding merely uses the perceived depravation of ...

The Oxford Companion to English Literature (Sixth Edition revised)

‘No guide could come more classic than The Oxford Companion to English Literature ... the literary reference source of first resort’ — Malcolm Bradbury, The Times

The sixth edition of The Oxford Companion to English Literature, published in 2000, was extensively revised, expanded, and updated; this is a revised issue of that edition, ensuring that the Companion remains absolutely up to date. In addition to the extensive coverage of writers, works, literary theory, allusions, and characters, there are sixteen featured essay-style entries on key topics including black British literature, fantasy fiction, and modernism. The text has been written by a team of more than 140 contributors under Margaret Drabble's editorial direction, including such distinguished names as Brian Aldiss, Lisa Appignanesi, Penelope Fitzgerald, Roy Porter, and Salman Rushdie, each writing on his or her specialist field of knowledge. The Companion places English literature in its widest context, offering an extensive exploration of the classical roots of English literature, and the European and non-European works and writers that have influenced its development.

Margaret Drabble is a distinguished novelist and biographer. Her many novels include Jerusalem the Golden (1967), The Needle's Eye (1972), The Witch of Exmoor (1996), and The Peppered Moth (2001). She has also written biographies of Arnold Bennett (1974) and Angus Wilson (1995).

ISBN-13: 9780198614531
ISBN-10: 0198614535
Publishing history: published 2000

The Oxford companion to architecture / edited by Patrick Goode ; consultant editors, Stanford Anderson, Sir Colin St. John Wilson New York : Oxford University Press, c2009

這本書似乎問題不少 譬如說
圖太少 照片size 太大
在Bauhaus 條目無圖
卻將它放在Gropius 處
中國建築只選幾張 一是明墓承乾(宮)
During the Ming Dynasty, the Hall of Heavenly Favor (Chengqiangong) served as the living quarters of the empresses and imperial concubines. .



The Oxford Companion to Architecture is a unique and indispensable two-volume resource for all who wish to enrich their passion and knowledge of architecture. 1,500 A-Z entries cover all aspects of architecture, from architects, building types, and movements and styles to materials, aspects of design, and definitions. High-quality illustrations complement and enhance the text, and in-depth cross-referencing and a thematic table of contents enable readers to find information easily.

Embracing the world of architecture in all its variety, the Companion offers complete coverage of architecture from around the world, giving equal weight to architecture in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America as to the more familiar examples from Western Europe and the United States, and of both modern and vernacular architecture. It covers all periods, from the beginnings of architecture in ancient Egypt to the present day, and yet is strongly rooted in an approach to architecture that looks at its social, technical, and practical aspects, beyond an art-historical perspective. Written by a team of over 150 distinguished contributors,
The Oxford Companion to Architecture is one of the most authoritative, up-to-date and accessible architecture reference books available.


  • 1,500 A-Z entries cover all aspects of architecture, from architects, building types, and movements and styles to materials, aspects of design, and definitions
  • Strong coverage of architecture around the world, and of modern and vernacular architecture, make this a global resource for anyone working or interested in architecture
  • Written by a team of over 150 contributors, including many distinguished architects and academics, under the editorship of Dr. Patrick Goode and two consultant editors
  • Rooted in an approach to architecture that looks at its social, technical, and practical aspects, makes this unique and indispensable in any collection
  • More than 150 high-quality illustrations complement and enhance the text
  • In-depth cross-referencing and a thematic contents list enable readers to find the information they are looking for easily
  • Also available in the Oxford Digital Reference Shelf: www.oxford-digitalreference.com

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1152 pages; Over 150 illus., including b+w half tones, architectural plans, & line drawings;ISBN13: 978-0-19-860568-3ISBN10: 0-19-860568-4

About the Author(s)

Dr. Patrick Goode is a historian and was an executive editor and contributor to theOxford Companion to Gardens (1986) and Humphry Repton (1983). He is currently carrying out research on the relationship between Classicism and Modernism in 1930s Italy.

Berlin art tours delve into the human psyche

Rafaeli et al., Emotion in work settings - 1 - Oxford Companion to ...

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由 A Rafaeli 著作 - 相關文章
Oxford Companion to the Affective Sciences. Oxford University Press .... enthusiasm, and affection. For negative emotions, acts of colleagues and acts of ...