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Diane Ackerman 一些作品


Underwater, Feeling Our Ocean Origins

Exploring a beautiful, teeming underwater world that can't be put into words.

1997年翻譯Willian Scherkenbach的書 已引一段
A Natural History of the Senses (1990) 此書當時已經有漢文本



  • Twilight of the Tenderfoot (1980)
  • On Extended Wings (1985)
  • A Natural History of the Senses (1990)
  • The Moon by Whale Light, and Other Adventures Among Bats and Crocodilains, Penguins and Whales (1991)
  • A Natural History of Love (1994)
  • The Rarest of the Rare (1995)
  • A Slender Thread (1997)
  • Deep Play (1999)
  • Cultivating Delight (2002)
  • An Alchemy of Mind: The Marvel and Mystery of the Brain (2004)
  • The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story (2007)

Reviewed by D. T. MAX
In Warsaw during World War II, Jan and Antonina Zabinski saved 300 Jews.
  • Dawn Light: Dancing with Cranes and Other Ways to Start the Day (2009)
  • One Hundred Names for Love: A Stroke, a Marriage, and the Language of Healing (2011)

Children's books

  • Monk Seal Hideaway (1995)
  • Bats: Shadows in the Night (1997)
  • Animal Sense (poetry) (2003)


下段黛安‧艾克曼(Diane Ackerman,1948 —)的新作《氣味、記憶與愛欲》之翻譯還大有改善的空間,

Chapter 13: What Is a Memory?
What sort of future is coming up from behind I don't really know. But the past, spread out ahead, dominates everything in sight.
-- Robert M. Pirsig
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Like tiny islands on the horizon, they can vanish in rough seas. Even in calm weather, their coral gradually erodes, pickled by salt and heat. Yet they form the shoals of a life. Some offer safe lagoons and murmuring trees. Others crawl with pirates and reptiles. Together, they connect a self with the mainland and society. Plot their trail and a mercurial past becomes visible.



追憶 Deep Play


我看足球,因為足球是 deep play,不但每一隊,每一個球員,每一個民族,都把靈魂和肉體抵押在那顆球上,全心全意,沒有任何遲疑和退縮。這足球賽是一個全球化最徹底的地方,英國 FC Arsenal只剩二位英國籍球員,而球員本身都是可以交易的商品。這足球賽也是最民族主義的地方,不巧的是,有人在足球賽上堅持他們偏執的民族主義。 …….」(【陳玉慧】「我看足球」)

deep play她在文中已稍為解釋:「把靈魂和肉體抵押在那顆球上,全心全意,沒有任何遲疑和退縮。」不過接下來的說法又與 deep play相矛盾。

這深戲( deep play),有專書Diane Ackerman 《心靈深戲(Deep Play )莊安祺譯,台北:時報文化,1999】(我提它的文已毀)。

不過我印象最深的還有我們約 2000年的讀書會,葉老師帶我們讀 Clifford Geertz的『文化的闡釋』,其末篇為 "深層遊戲:Bali 島鬥雞的描述(Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight)" 。這篇一開始引Bateson夫婦的名著。

今天查網頁,才知道在 1997年康乃爾大學校友(Missy Globerman '99 )就訪問Diane Ackerman 【這著名的散文家的作品在時報都有翻譯;『戴明修煉II引她兩書】談 'Deep play' isn't child's play" 我第一次知道DEEP PLAY 的用法是邊沁(Jeremy Bentham),我 40年前讀過他的一些東西 …….

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By Missy Globerman '99

Diane Ackerman is serious about play.
"It is exquisitely human to play; we relish and require it to feel whole. It is our refuge from ordinary life," she told a David L. Call Alumni Auditorium audience.
In her July 9 Summer Session lecture titled "Rapture, Ecstasy and Play," Ackerman, a Cornell alumna, poet, essayist and naturalist, enveloped the audience in her world by offering prose about love and personal anecdotes to explain her perspective on life's special moments, which she described as "deep play."
"The language of play has always fascinated me," said the author of A Natural History of the Senses and A Slender Thread: Rediscovering Hope at the Heart of Crisis.
According to Ackerman, "Every element of the human saga depends on play. Even language is a playing with words," she said. "We, as human beings, require a poetic version of life. All human beings of all ages and all cultures use the elemental poetry of everyday language."
Swimming with dolphins and communing with nature, she said, led her to the question, "What are we to make of dolphins and humans playing together?" The answer, she found, is that humans and animals alike understand play.
"Play is ingrained in the matrix of childhood and we take it for granted," Ackerman said. Though children rejoice in play, adults have a "deeper, transcendent form of play," she said.
The uncertainty and illusion of play can take place in countless venues, she suggested. "We can play anywhere that is set off from reality, whether it be a playground, a field, a church or a garage."
Ackerman explained there are many ways in which adults engage in deep play.
"Deep play doesn't have to do with an activity, like shallow play. It has to do with attitude or an extraordinarily intense state."
Furthermore, she said, "Deep play is an absence of mental noise -- liberating, soothing, and exciting. . . .We spend our lives in pursuit of those moments of feeling whole, or being in the moment of deep play."
The idea of deep play, Ackerman said, was originated by the philosopher/utilitarian Jeremy Bentham. However, she said, "he despised it and thought it was irrational." He felt that what could be lost far outweighed what could be gained.
Ancient people had their own forms of deep play, Ackerman said, and termed deep play to be rapture and ecstasy. "Rapture is being seized by force ... rape, ravage, usurp," she explained. "Ecstasy is a Greek word meaning a symbol of standing, or to stand, outside oneself. When you are experiencing ecstasy, you fly out of your mind and watch the known world dwindle in the distance."
Ackerman explained that one of the manifestations of deep play is love. "Love is a cult of two, full of mysticism, where you romp with your playmate and there is a feeling of ecstasy. When the couple breaks up, their secret world is shattered, leaving the partner disavowed. The illusion and the game are over."
Another form of deep play can come when one is in a moment of extreme danger, she explained. When Ackerman fell while mountain climbing and had to climb down with three broken ribs, she was in that state, she said. "I had to muzzle into life and drink from the source."
"Deep play means no analysis, no explanation, no promises, no goals, no worries. You are completely open to the drama of life that may unfold."
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Diane Ackerman (born October 7, 1948 in Waukegan, Illinois) is an American author, poet, and naturalist known best for her work A Natural History of the ...



  • The Planets: A Cosmic Pastoral (1976)
  • Wife of Light (1978)
  • Lady Faustus (1983)
  • Reverse Thunder (verse play) (1988)
  • Jaguar of Sweet Laughter: New and Selected Poems (1991)
  • Animal Sense (2000)
  • Origami Bridges (2002) 這本書我翻過  約102首是她接受精神分析的一年半中每天寫詩並與分析師電話討論 所以是1/5  有的發表在10種刊物中 很難介紹她的愛欲....等
  • I Praise My Destroyer (2005)