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1843; The Economist Christmas issue 2016; 2015年12月19日"Christmas double issue"

Christmas issue 2016 | The Economist


Christmas issue 2016. Click to reveal the cover ... Cambridge economistsThe art and science ofeconomics at Cambridge. IN 1924 John Maynard Keynes, who ...

2 September, 1843 — The Economist newspaper first published (preliminary issue dated August).

2016.3.7 知道The Economist 另外有姐妹報 1843....

Intelligent Life Poised for Rebirth as 1843

GET SMART: Intelligent Life, The Economist’s culture and lifestyle magazine that publishes six times a year, is set to relaunch in early 2016 with expanded content and a new name, 1843.
The title plans to broaden and enhance its coverage with a fashion shoot in every issue; profiles of headline-makers from The Economist, and in-depth travel narratives. It will come out six times a year.
For the launch issue, a profile of Marine Le Pen is already in the works, while the Scottish writer and historian William Dalrymple is currently working on a travel story in Iran.

Many people are putting off having children until they’re older. Thankfully, improving technology means there are more—and better—alternatives to the old-fashioned way of getting pregnant, reports 1843, The Economist’s new sister magazine

29日傍晚去郵局寄書到高雄,順道到某二手書店逛,無所獲,離開時買本The Economist 2015年12月19日出的"Christmas double issue",85元。.....睡前展讀,驚訝地發現除零售價從160元漲到330元之外,編輯和文章風格,竟然與1980年代初的"一樣" (我在上世紀末20年是該刊的訂戶),這是很不簡單、了不起的事(譬如說該刊文章都不具名,Essex 大學某榮譽博士?說她應徵The Economist,未錄用,後來她在其他FT等報刊的具名文章浪得虛名......)。

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Dec 19th, 2015

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What the Führer means for Germans today(620)
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Cuban baseball crisis (10)
The Ottoman caliphate
Straddling two worlds (178)
The Chinese at play
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