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The Price of Amazon, book, E-Book Shorts Are on the Rise

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The Price of Amazon


Bookselling was once a local business. Now Amazon has a larger market share of new and used printed books than any company has ever. That gives it extraordinary power.
. Amazon Cuts Back Discounts

E-Book Shorts Are on the Rise

Tiffany Peons Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Websites” was recently selling for $2.51 on Amazon.com.
Such big-name writers as Jeffrey Deaver, Stephen King and Janet Evanovich are driving sales of short e-book titles as consumers use their digital devices to dip into an increasing pool of such works.
For the second quarter ended June 30, the number of new e-book “singles” increased 18% to 96 titles, compared to the first quarter, according to Thin Reads LLC, a privately held company that tracks digital book singles sales at Amazon.com Inc., Barnes & Noble Inc., and Apple Inc.’s iBookstore.
“In fiction, this market is completely dominated by the big-name authors,” said Howard Polskin, editor and owner. “It’s hard for unknown fiction writers to break through.”
By contrast, the nonfiction category is more receptive to new names. “Anybody with a timely topic, a good cover, and a good title, has a decent chance of punching through,” said Mr. Polskin. Recent examples, he said, include Tiffany Peon’s “Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Websites.” The book, published in April by Thought Catalog, has a suggested retail price of $2.99 but was selling for $2.51 on Amazon on Monday.
Mr. Polskin said that that singles don’t have a set form, although they basically range between 5,000 and 30,000 words, compared with 90,000 words or more for a traditional book. “In my mind, if you can finish it on the flight between New York and Chicago, it’s a single,” said Mr. Polskin. “If not, it’s a traditional book.”
Mr. Polskin noted that newspaper and trade magazine publishers are entering the singles publishing market more aggressively. Publishers Weekly, for example, has published a single about the e-book pricing wars titled “The Battle of $9.99: How Apple, Amazon and the Big Six Publishers Changed the E-Book Business Overnight,” by Andrew Richard Albanese. The book is selling for $1.99 on Amazon.

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由於 中國將 Facebook 翻譯成"臉譜" 所以查 "book"

1 本, 書物, 書籍, 単行本;著書, 著述, 著作. ▼原稿段階の小説[論集など]を意味することもある.
2 帳面, とじ込み;((〜s))帳簿, 会計簿;(競馬などの)賭(か)け帳
an exercise book
keep the books
open [start] a book
cook the books
do [go over] the books
3 (書物の)巻, 編
the Book of Genesis
4 ((通例the B-))聖書. ▼the good Bookともいう.
5 (オペラ・オペレッタなどの)台本, 歌詞;(ミュージカルの)脚本;《ジャズ》(楽団の)演奏曲目.
(1) ((the 〜s))名簿, リスト;((the 〜))電話帳(telephone directory)
be on the books
take a person's name off the books
(2) 《スポーツ》情報メモ.
(3) ((米略式))(警察の)記録簿, 業務日誌.
7 事実・出来事の記録となるもの;(…の)書, 記録((of ...))
the book of fate
8 ((米略式))雑誌(magazine)
a comic book
9 ((the 〜))(一連の)規則, 慣例, 基準.
10 (切符・小切手・切手・マッチなどの)つづり, セット, 束((of ...))
a check book
a book of bus tickets
a book of stamps
(郵便局で売る通例同じ額面の)切手帳(▼bookletともいう. ⇒SHEET, PANE).
11 《トランプ》ブック:ブリッジなどで, あと1つトリックを取れば得点になる状態.
12 (タバコの葉などの)一山, 一梱(こり)((of ...)).
13 ((米俗))1年の刑;((the 〜))終身刑.
14 ((俗))=bookmaker 2.
a little black book
be at the [one's] books
be on the books of ...
book of life
((the 〜))(天国へ行く人の名を記した)生命(いのち)の書.
Book of the Dead
((the 〜))(古エジプトの)死者の書.
bring ... to book
(1) 〈人に〉(…の)責任を問う, 弁明を求める((for, over ...)).
(2) …を吟味[検討]する.
by [according to] the book
go by the book
close the books
(1) 帳簿を締める, 決算する.
(2) (注文・予約などの)受け付けを締め切る.
(3) (論争などを)終わらせる;(捜査などを)打ち切る.
crack a book
get one's books
hit the [one's] books
in [according to] one's book
▼会話でin my bookで用いることが多い.
in a person's good [bad or black] books
like a book
正確に, 詳しく;完全に
read a person like a book
speak [talk] like a book
make [keep] (a) book
(1) ((俗))(競馬の)賭け金を集める, 胴元になる.
(2) (…に)賭ける((on ...));きっと(…)だ((on it that節))
You can make book on it that he won't help you.
one for the books
suit [fit] a person's book
throw the book at ...
(1) 〈違反者・犯罪者を〉厳罰に処する.
(2) …をきびしく罰する[しかる].
a person wrote the book on it
1 …を名簿[帳簿]に載せる, 記入する;記録[登録]する((down)).
2 ((英))[III[名]]〈部屋・座席・切符などを〉予約する;[book A B/book B for A]〈A(人)にB(席・部屋など)を〉予約してやる, の予約をとる;[III[名]([副])]((英))〈人に〉(ホテルの部屋を)予約してやる((in/at ...));〈申込者に〉切符を発行する, 出札する;〈切符を〉買う
book a seat on a train
book a room for a person at the Taft Hotel [=book a person in at the Taft Hotel]
3 …と出演[講演など]の契約[予約]をする
book the band for a week
4 〈容疑者を〉警察の記録に記入する, 調書をとる.
5 〈賭けの〉胴元をつとめる.
6 〈荷物を〉託送する
have one's luggage booked
7 《サッカー》〈選手に〉イエローカードを出す.
1 ((英))(ホテルなどで)名前を登録[チェックイン]する((in))
book into a hotel
2 (座席・部屋・サービスなどを)予約する((up));(…までの)切符を買う((through/for, to ...))
book for a play
book through to ...
3 ((俗))(…を)請け合う, (…に)賭ける((on ...)).
book in
[book ... in/book in ...]
(1) ⇒(他)2
(2) 〈ホテルの受付が〉〈客の〉チェックインを受けつける[記録する].
book out
[book ... out/book out ...]
book up
[book ... up/book up ...]
(1) ((しばしば受身))〈ホテル・レストランなどを〉全館[全席]予約する.
(2) ((受身))〈人が〉(…の)先約がある((for ...));(…する)予定である((to do))
I'm (fully) booked up (for) this evening.
今夜は予定がふさがっている(▼upは省くこともある:I'm booked to go to Chicago next month. 来月シカゴへ行く予定だ).
[古英語bōc. bōcはbeech tree(ブナの木)を意味したが, この樹皮に字を書いたため「書物」となった. ⇒BIBLE