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アメリカの心 / 続 · アメリカの心

アメリカの心 リチャード・カー 著 ; 楓セビル 訳 学生社 1990.12

学生社, 1987 - Advertising, Newspaper - 208 pages

続 · アメリカの心:

" アメリカン · マインド " 75のメッセージ



pho • nog • ra • phy
founɑ'grəfi | -nɔ'g-
1 表音式つづり方.
2 表音式速記法.

愛迪生圓筒式留聲機 ca. 1899

湯瑪斯·愛迪生與他所發明的早期留聲機 1878 第2台

唱機旋轉部分由發條驅動,使水平圓盤和放在它上面的唱片作勻速旋轉,圓盤轉速可以由調速器控制;唱針一端有金屬膜片,膜片中心和唱針相連接;隨著唱 片轉動,唱針發生振動,由槓桿作用把振動放大,推動膜片做相應的振動,於是就可以聽到加強了的和灌片時相同的聲音;為了使唱針上的膜片的振動有效發聲,在 膜片後要接上一隻喇叭。

 John Kruesi (May 15, 1843 – February 22, 1899) was a Swiss born machinist and close associate of Thomas Edison.

John Kruesi

Replica of a Kruesi/Edison tinfoil phonograph.


John Kruesi had been apprenticed as a clock maker in Switzerland, and migrated to the United States where he settled in Newark, New Jersey. There, he met Thomas Edison. Edison employed him for his workshop in 1872.
Kruesi became Edison's head machinist through his Newark and Menlo Park periods, responsible for translating Edison's numerous rough sketches into working devices. Since constructing and testing models was central to Edison's method of inventing, Kruesi's skill in doing this was critical to Edison's success as an inventor. Historians Robert Friedel and Paul Israel summed up Kruesi's remarkable ability of this:
:If the devices that emerged [from Kruesi's workshop] didn't work, 
it was because they were bad ideas, not because they were badly made. 
And when the ideas were good, as in the case of the phonograph, 
the product of Kruesi's shop would prove it. (Friedel and Israel 1987, 35)
Kruesi was also involved in many of Edison's key inventions. Including the quadruplex telegraph, the carbon microphone, phonograph, incandescent light bulb and system of electric lighting.
With the development of Edison's system of electric lighting, Kruesi moved to more management positions. In 1881, Edison put Kruesi in charge of the "Edison Electric Tube Company," making him responsible for the installation of underground power distribution cables from the central generating station. Kruesi was also an inventor, while at the "Electric Tube Company," he devised a two wire conduit in which two semicircular conductors were separated by an insulator and covered in insulating material. When the company merged with several others to form General Electric Company in 1892, Kruesi was promoted to General Manager, and then to Chief Mechanical Engineer at the Schenectady site in 1896.


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 Kruesi, Make This!

Those three words
produced the world's
first phonograph.
Thomas Edison,  America's
most famous inventor,
like to work
late at night.
He left a rough
sketch on his
assistant's desk,
with the note, " Kruesi,
 make this."
When Edison got
to work about noon
the next day, Kruesi,
working from Edison's
rough sketch, had made
the world's first
Are you one of those
wisenheimer who
believe that to
get a job done
you have to do
it yourself ?
That might be true
in eating a plate
of spaghetti;
but in little else.
In most cases
two heads
are better
than one.
if one of
them is

by Richard Kerr. 


A person who behaves in an irritatingly smug or arrogant fashion, typically by making clever remarks and displaying their knowledge.



Richard Kerr氏が執筆、翻訳を楓セビルさんがなさっています。和英対訳になっているこの本は、75のメッセージが短い文章で書かれています。





"Some people ask, 'Why?' I ask 'Why not?'"





















Are You Bored
With Your Job?

Are you starting
to search
where you never
itched before?
Yawn at the
morning mails?
Don't return
phone calls?
Lost interest in
becoming # 1?
A Baltimore accountant
threw his
calculator away,
moved to Montana,
built a wide reputation
for his hand-made
fishing lures.
A king of England
chucked his
crown to marry the woman he
Harry Truman said
about his job
as president,
" I'm glad to be
rid of it."
The student with
the highest academic
record of the history
of Harvard
decided to become
a plumber.
You only live once.
Your best ays
could lie ahead,
if you work at
a job you like.

Why Were
Singled Out?

More than
25% of all
U. S. families
with children
under the age
of 18 are headed
by a single parents.
And about 50 %
of our nation's
children will
spend some time
in a single parent
If you are
a single parent
there's little joy
in knowing so many
others are in
the same boat.
But there can be
advantage in that
Parents are like
football players.
They play differently
in the reality of the
goal line
than in the
comparative calm
of the
forty yard line.
They dig in.
They try harder.
They know their team
is counting on them.
A fired-up defender
in football,
or in a family,
is a key component
of success.
Fight, team, fight!

Allan Bloom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Bloom - Cached
He studied under David Grene, Leo Strauss, Richard McKeon and Alexandre .... In 1987 Bellow wrote the Preface to The Closing of the American Mind, the book ...

天天都可從名人學習 You Missed A Great Meeting
(by Richard Kerr. 
41, pp.108-09)

You Missed A
Great Meeting

It was
Celebrity day
David Ogilvy was
Busy re-writing his
famous headline
(”At Sixty Miles an
Hour, the Loudest Noise
In This New Rolls-Royce
Comes from the Electric
Clock). Rolls now has
a digital clock that
is silent.
Helen Gurley Brown
Was giving advice to
Young women.
Ben Franklin was giving
advice to young men.
Hilter was discussing
Jack Nicklaus was
discussing other
kinds of lies.
Milton Friedman was
discussing dollars.
William Safire was
having trouble with an
immigrant who wanted
to know how to
pronounce “though, bough,
cough and dough.
Fortunately for
you and for all
Americans, it’s
celebrity day every
at your public library.

David Ogilvy (businessman) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Helen Gurley Brown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Hilter 希特勒

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