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Camille et Paul/ 卡米耶·克洛代尔书信


"Intelligence is nothing without delight."





原作名: Camille et Paul: La Passion Claudel
译者: 王恬
作者: [法] 多米尼克·博纳
副标题: 卡米耶与保罗的一生
ISBN: 9787561775769
页数: 338
定价: 39.80元
出版社: 华东师范大学出版社
装帧: 平装
出版年: 2010-8

狂热、激情、天才。克洛岱尔姐弟:雕塑家卡米耶和诗人保罗,都生于象征着创造和激情的火系星座之下。这部传记第一次记录了他们两人之间的联系。两个同样激 情洋溢却又敏感到极致脆弱的灵魂。卡米耶以誓不妥协的态度迎战艺术的不确定性和飘零无依的生活;保罗则以旅行和异国情调来掩饰生之痛苦——在中国、巴西、 日本。这两条我们原本以为完全分离的命运线事实上却相互滋润相互贯通。姐弟俩都遇到了无望的激情,保罗爱上了罗莎莉·维奇,一个最终将他抛弃的已婚女子; 而卡米耶则承受着罗丹的魔力直至疯狂。家庭的悲剧。沉重和世俗对抗着他们心灵的苛求。

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  多米尼克•博纳(Dominique Bona),法国著名女作家,1953年生于法国西南部一个加泰罗尼亚家庭,早年求学于索邦现代文学专业,后在多家媒体的文化版做采访和文学批评,同时亦 从事个人写作。她的作品曾多次获奖:其中《罗曼•加里传》获1987年法兰西学院传记大奖;《贝尔特•莫里索传》获2000年龚古尔传记奖;而她的小说 《乌木港手记》则获得了1998年的何耨豆奖(prix Renaudot)。


Camille & Auguste

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Camille Claudel La Correspondance 卡米耶·克洛代尔书信

幾年之後真正讀它 才發現任何朋友網絡的複雜無比


Camille Claudel au Musée Marmottan

译者:吴雅凌 译 編者: (法)安娜·里維埃等: 華東師範大學出版社:

克洛代爾是羅 丹的學生和情人,是保爾·克洛代爾的姐姐。她因與羅丹決裂而陷入瘋狂,在精神病療養院度過殘生。據專家的考訂,有一些署名羅丹的雕塑 作品其實都出自她之手。長期以來,卡米耶·克洛代爾因其與羅丹的愛情悲劇而為人所知,她的藝術纔華和成就,即便在法國也是到了上個世紀80年代開始纔漸漸 為人所注意。
  本書收集了迄今發現的所 有卡米耶·克洛代爾的書信。每一封信均經過專家的分析和研究,得到嚴格的編排和整理。這些珍貴的書信,堪稱為卡米耶·克洛代爾研究的最重要亦是最根本的文 獻。

後記:卡米耶·克 洛代爾的悲劇

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簡介集 (英文)

Wikipedia article "Camille Claudel".部份:

Creative period

Fascinated with stone and soil as a child, as a young woman she studied at the Académie Colarossi with sculptor Alfred Boucher. (At the time, the École des Beaux-Arts barred women from enrolling to study.) In 1882, Claudel rented a workshop with other young women, mostly English, including Jessie Lipscomb. In 1883, she met Auguste Rodin, who taught sculpture to Claudel and her friends.
Around 1884, she started working in Rodin's workshop. Claudel became his source of inspiration, his model, his confidante and lover. She never lived with Rodin, who was reluctant to end his 20-year relationship with Rose Beuret. Although pregnant, Claudel never had children with Rodin; she lost the child in an accident[1], which sent her into a deep depression. Knowledge of the affair agitated her family, especially her mother, who never completely agreed with Claudel's involvement in the arts. As a consequence, she left the family house. In 1892, perhaps after an unwanted abortion, Claudel ended the intimate aspect of her relationship with Rodin, although they saw one another regularly until 1898.
A  gilded version of the Bronze Waltz.
A gilded version of the Bronze Waltz.
Beginning in 1903, she exhibited her works at the Salon des Artistes français or at the Salon d'Automne. It would be a mistake to assume that Claudel's reputation has survived simply because of her notorious association with Rodin. She was in fact a brilliant sculptor in her own right, and the famous art critic Octave Mirbeau wrote she was "A revolt against nature: a woman genius". Her early work is similar to Rodin's in spirit, but shows an imagination and lyricism quite her own, particularly in the famous Bronze Waltz (1893). The Age of Maturity (1900) has been interpreted by his brother as a powerful allegory of her break with Rodin, with one figure The Implorer that was produced as an edition of its own. Her onyx and bronze small-scale Wave (1897) was a conscious break in style with her Rodin period, with a decorative quality quite different from the "heroic" feeling of her earlier work. In the early years of the 20th Century, Claudel had patrons, dealers, and commercial success - she had no need to bask in the reflected light of another.

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钟 文音《巴黎情人:寻访杜拉斯、卡米耶、西蒙·波伏瓦》

寻 找卡米耶(1864~1943年)/148
—— 波旁河滨路19号(Qiai de Bourbon)1 898~1913年/148
艾芙哈村(Ville—Evrard)精神病院 1913年5月~1914年8月/165
1914年8月~1945年10月9日 /172