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社會的劇變 ‧從工業社會邁向後工業社會 Prophecy and progress: the sociology of industrial and post-industrial society

書名, 社會的劇變 ‧從工業社會邁向後工業社會 ‧prophecy and progress. 作者, 著者改譯庫麥 ‧庫馬 ‧(kumar,krishan) ‧蔡伸章. 出版項, 志文,1984

Title Prophecy and progress: the sociology of industrial and post-industrial society
Author Krishan Kumar
Publisher Penguin, 1978
History - 416 pages

Prophecy and Progress: The Sociology of Industrial and Post-Industrial

Prophecy and Progress: The Sociology of Industrial and Post-Industrial, London, Allen Lane: The Penguin Press, 1978; Harmondsworth, Penguin Books, 1978, pp. 416 (Japanese translation, Bunshindo Publishers, 1996)
By Krishan Kumar

Prophecy and Progress is an attempt to come to terms with the present position and the future prospects of Western industrial society. In particular it investigates the widely held and influential view that industrial societies are moving into a new stage in their evolution: a 'post-industrial' stage. Dr. Kumar examines the evidence that sustains this thesis and arrives at the conclusion that much of it is plausible only because of a widespread misconception of what 'classic' industiral society was all about.

He deals first with the making of industrial society, moves onto the 'post-industrial' idea and concludes with a discussion on the prospects of a society that genuinely goes 'beyond industrialism'. Throughout he traces the varying fortunes of the belief in progress, the balance of the feelings of confidence and despair about the future development of society.

Krishan Kumar (born 1942) is an Indian sociologist who is currently Chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Virginia, where he holds the titles University Professor and William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Sociology.
Kumar was educated at William Ellis School in London and studied as an undergraduate at St John's College, Cambridge and for amaster's degree at the London School of Economics. He then worked as a lecturer at the University of Kent from 1967, where he also studied for a PhD, and had a spell as a producer for the talks and documentaries department of the BBC. He remained at Kent, attaining the position of Professor of Social and Political Thought, until his appointment at Virginia in 1996.[1]
Kumar has held several visiting professorships, including at the University of Bristol, the Central European University and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, and has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University and a member of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.[1] His research interests include nationalism and European and global history.[2]
Kumar's publications include Prophecy and Progress: The Sociology of Industrial and Post-Industrial Society (Allen Lane, 1978),Utopia and Anti-Utopia in Modern Times (Basil Blackwell, 1987), The Rise of Modern Society: Aspects of the Social and Political Development of the West (Basil Blackwell, 1988),Utopianism (Open University Press, 1991), 1989: Revolutionary Ideas and Ideals (University of Minnesota Press, 2001) and The Making of English National Identity (Cambridge University Press, 2003).[1] The latter was described by Bernard Crick as a "scholarly masterpiece" and "the deepest and best reflection so far by a fine sociologist and an intellectual historian".[3] His work on utopianism, meanwhile, "should...find an admired place in contemporary sociology", according to Frank Webster.[4] Kumar has also published articles in academic journals, including Sociology, the European Journal of Political Research, the European Journal of SociologyTheory and SocietyPolitical Studies, the British Journal of Sociology, the European Journal of Social Theory and Nations and Nationalism.[1]


Louis B. Lundborg 

 If when a businessman speaks of minority employment, or air pollution, or poverty, he speaks in the language of a certified public accountant analyzing a corporate balance sheet, who is to know that he understands the human problems behind the statistical ones? If the businessman would stop talking like a computer printout or a page from the corporate annual report, other people would stop thinking he had a cash register for a heart. It is as simple as that -- but that isn't simple.  

Louis B. Lundborg  

Future Without Shock
by Louis B Lundborg - 1974 - Find libraries
Social change; Social values; Changement social; Valeurs sociales; 
United States (Social conditions, 1960-1980)
未來無衝擊/ 路易士.藍德堡(Louis B. Lundborg)原著; 蔡伸章譯. -- 初版(民67).
The Art of Being an Executive
by Louis B Lundborg - 1981 - Find libraries
Executive ability


中文書 , 史壯柏格著    , 桂冠 ,出版日期:1994-04-19


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中文書 , James F. Dunnigan等   / , 麥田 

孟東籬/ 蔡伸章

2009年 買兩本二手書紀念譯者

一是孟東籬先生的 一是蔡先生

近代西方思想史An intellectual history of modern Europe

舊書 故人譯作

Title/Author, 近代西方思想史/ 史壯柏格(Roland N. Stromberg)著; 蔡伸章譯. Imprint, 臺北市: 桂冠, 1993[民82]



蔡伸章譯 ,五南,出版日期:1997/11/01

繁體書:共 13 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:行銷企管 > 廣告/銷售/保險 >公共關係


原價:385 元 , 優惠價: 95折,366

這是一個資訊爆炸的時代,五花八門的廣告訊息與新聞報導令大眾木不暇給,眼花撩亂;科技的進步更擴大了資訊流通的管道,其數量之龐大早已麻庳了大多數人的敏感性,政治性,知識性或社會性資訊的傳達者要吸引大眾的注 ... more



蔡伸章譯者 ,書泉,出版日期:1995/09/01

繁體書:共 13 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:自然科學 > 生物學 > 生態學


原價:300 元 , 優惠價: 95折,285

本書是以生態學的觀點,來探討今日的環保問題,人類科技進步的生活,如何改變了其他動植物的生態,以及動植物的因應策略;而人類所期望營造的生態卻更嚴重地破壞了生態的平衡。 ... more



[美]阿爾文 托夫勒 ,中信出版社,出版日期:2006/07/01

簡體書:共 1 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:圖書資訊/百科年鑑 > 圖書館學


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《未來的沖擊》是托夫勒奠定聲名之作,本書的出版也標志著未來學進入美國文化的主流領域。 在社會的劇變下,短暫性的訊息不斷襲擾人類的感覺,新奇性的事物不斷撞擊人類的認知能力,而多樣化的選擇則不斷攪亂人 ... more


D. F. Owen ,書泉,出版日期:2006/05/03

繁體書:共 13 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:自然科學 > 生物學 > 生態學

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「生態學」已變成一家喻戶曉的字眼,但它究竟是什麼呢?它牽涉到人口的成長、動物與牠們現有的資源,「群落」(Communities)的結構,以及其與環境的關係。本書作者丹尼斯 歐文(Denis Owen)認為,人類乃是大自 ... more


H. G.威爾斯/著 ,新雨,出版日期:2001/10/15

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相關搜尋:2009國際書展H. G.威爾斯/著威爾斯時間H. G.威爾斯

原價:160 元 , 優惠價: 75折,120元 

愛因斯坦的狹義相對論認為時間旅行並非絕不可能的事,若這個說法屬實,踏上時空之旅的人們將會看到怎樣的未來?本書作者H. G.威爾斯以科學的概念以及天馬行空的想像力,為我們描述西元802700年的未來世界,對時� ... more


Michael Argyle ,巨流圖書公司,出版日期:2000/01/01

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非語言溝通,在現代心理學是一個非常吸引人且涵蓋面廣泛的領域──它包含了眼神、手勢,以及臉部表情…等等。這些肢體動作在日常人際互動間,無疑的強化了溝通的作用。在這本書裡,作者以極為生動、明晰的筆... more



Thomas Sowell ,巨流圖書公司,出版日期:1995/09/01

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為什麼今天還要讀馬克思?在世界現實政治裡,共產世界已如骨牌般倒塌了,馬克思學說不是跟著『死了』?其實不該做這樣的誤認!馬克思學說搖撼了一個多世紀的世界思潮,闖進了釵h的學術領域,尤其在社會階級方面� ... more


艾文 托佛勒 ,時報出版,出版日期:1994/07/15

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原價:240 元 , 優惠價: 9折,216元 

就像是電腦革命並不只是電腦而已,是一種生物學革命;這是能源形式的轉變,是對老一代的反抗;是信用卡加上錄影機,加上立體音響,再加上隨身聽;是地方主義加上全球主義;是小型打字機與資訊工作者,以及電子化 ... more



艾文 托佛勒 ,時報出版,出版日期:1994/06/15

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原價:360 元 , 優惠價: 9折,324

1970年,《未來的衝擊》出版,托佛勒描繪「太快的來臨」的未來,將使個人淪入比異鄉人更惶惑的境遇。未來的社會將充滿選擇過多的「不自由」、一用即棄的氛圍、資訊焦慮、無倫理的科技、絕望復古……。二十年後的 ... more



史壯柏格著 ,桂冠,出版日期:1994/04/19

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原價:600 元 , 優惠價: 9折,540



肯.凱耶斯著 ,桂冠,出版日期:1992/05/01

繁體書:共 13 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:法律/政治/軍事 > 政治 > 國際關係


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索羅金 ,志文,出版日期:1980/12/31

繁體書:共 13 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:社會人文 > 社會學 > 社會學理論 > 社會變動


原價:110 元 , 優惠價: 9折,99

索羅金是當代公認最偉大的社會學家之一。這位慘遭俄國放逐的思想家,以他個人特殊的成長背景、學養和敏銳深刻的憂患意識,對所處的時代提出了診斷、治療和預防的藥方。索羅金著作豐瞻,涉獵深廣,他的睿智使他和 ... more



James F. Dunnigan等/著 ,麥田

繁體書:共 13 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:法律/政治/軍事 > 軍事 > 軍事學

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原價:360 元 , 優惠價: 9折,324

從越戰的慘痛失敗到波灣戰爭的快速勝利,美國陸軍經歷了從谷底到巔峰,從屈辱到榮耀的變革過程。本書作者帶領我們回顧這二十年來美國陸軍在作戰方式、軍官教育、軍事觀念及戰術訓練等方面的各項革新,並進而展望 ... more



巴托莫爾著 ,桂冠

繁體書:共 13 筆搜尋結果 ,分類:社會人文 > 社會學 > 總論

原價:200 元 , 優惠價: 9折,180

主要作者Stromberg, Roland N., 1916-
書名/作者An intellectual history of modern Europe / Roland N. Stromberg
出版項Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, 1975
版本項2nd ed