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瑪麗·德拉尼(Mary Delany)(1700-1788) Mrs. Delany: Her Life and Her Flowers. The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72,

Mary Delany (née Granville) (14 May 1700 – 15 April 1788) was an English Bluestocking, artist, and letter-writer; equally famous for her "paper-mosaicks" and her lively correspondence.

 She created 1,700 of these works, calling them her "Paper Mosaiks [sic]",[11] from the age of 71 to 88, when her eyesight failed her. During this time, Mary made nearly 1,000 of the paper flowers.[12]

Delany, in her eighties at this time, had a reputation for cutting out and making the intricate paper mosaics (collages) now in the British Museum

"施老師說他得頭腦裡充滿太多太多的故事,他提到求學和求職時,均非第一次就達到自己心目中理想的目標,但終均達成,告訴大家不要灰心,Never forget second chance. 聽老師以有力的聲音唸高中時期的歌詞「拿出力量肩負起天下興亡」實在令人感動。"

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Mary Delany (née Granville) (14 May 1700 – 15 April 1788) was an English Bluestocking, artist, and letter-writer; equally famous for her "paper-mosaicks" and her lively correspondence.

Mrs. Delany: Her Life and Her Flowers: Ruth Hayden, Paul Hulton ...


Mary Delany's "paper mosaics" of flowers, made from hundreds of pieces of cut coloured paper, were the crowning achievement of a long and creative life.

The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins Her Life's Work at 72,
An Artist (Begins Her Life’s Work) at 72
By Molly Peacock
Bloomsbury. 397 pp. $30

Book Review - The Paper Garden - By Molly Peacock - The New York ...


May 13, 2011 - In the late 18th century, the twice-widowed Mary Delany created nearly a thousand breathtakingly beautiful and intricate paper “mosaicks” of ...


“One afternoon in 1772,” writes the poet Molly Peacock, the 72-year-old widow Mary Delany “noticed how a piece of colored paper matched the dropped petal of a geranium. After making that vital imaginative connection between paper and petal, she lifted the eighteenth-century equivalent of an X-Acto blade (she’d have called it a scalpel) or a pair of filigree-handled scissors — the kind that must have had a nose so sharp and delicate that you could almost imagine it picking up a scent. With the instrument alive in her still rather smooth-skinned hand, she began to maneuver, carefully cutting the exact geranium petal shape from the scarlet paper.
“Then she snipped out another.
“And another, and another, with the trance-like efficiency of repetition — commencing the most remarkable work of her life.”
The Paper Garden” is a beautifully designed, eye-catching book — there’s a picture of an opium poppy on the cover — but it’s also as intricately made as Mary Delany’s paper flowers. Peacock doesn’t aim just to retell the sometimes chattellike, sometimes independent existence of an upper-class woman whose acquaintances ranged from Jonathan Swift and the naturalist Sir Joseph Banks to the King and Queen of England. Nor is she content simply to set up a counterpoint with her own background, career and second marriage (to James Joyce scholar Michael Groden). Instead, she weaves in and out between the two, using Delany’s flower mosaics as the starting points for reflections on love, family, art, friendship, illness and vocation. As Emily Dickinson observed, “The career of flowers differs from ours only in inaudibleness.”
瑪麗·德拉尼(Mary Delany)(1700年5月14日-1788年4月15日),18世紀著名的英國水彩畫家刺繡家,與喬治三世卡羅琳王后格奧爾格·弗里德里希·亨德爾(George Frideric Handel)、喬納森·斯威夫特(Jonathan Swift)、埃德蒙·伯克(Edmund Burke)、約翰·韋斯利(John Wesley)、大衛·加里克(David Garrick)、切斯特菲爾特勳爵威廉·賀加斯(William Hogarth)關係良好。


瑪麗·德拉尼出生在一個和擁護詹姆斯二世有關聯具有良好背景的家庭中,閨名瑪麗·格蘭維爾(Mary Granville)。青年時家道中落,17歲的瑪麗被迫嫁給時年60歲的康瓦爾郡的地主亞歷山大·潘達爾夫。對此次婚姻瑪麗並不高興。1724年亞歷山大·潘達爾夫因痛風酗酒去世。瑪麗由於生活舒適,並未馬上再婚,而是積極參加18世紀倫敦社會的各項社交活動。
在德拉尼先生去世後,遷居白金漢郡(Buckinghamshire)靠近傑拉德克勞斯鎮的巴爾斯托德(Bulstrode Park)的波特蘭女公爵的住所,在那裡瑪麗結識若干位當時頂尖的植物學家和植物園林藝術家,其中包括約瑟夫·班克斯爵士(Joseph Banks)、丹尼爾·索蘭德(Daniel Solander)、菲利普·米勒(Philip Miller)和喬治·埃雷特(Georg Dionysius Ehret)。
1770年瑪麗開始製作拼貼畫。製作拼貼畫的主要材料是,由剪刀、刻刀進行造型然後進行粘接,其中有部分是由瑪麗自己染色的,而且有部分作品運用了水彩的表現方法。1776年由波特蘭女公爵杜瓦格夫人引見給喬治三世國王(George III)和夏洛特王后。賜於一幢在溫莎的房子,每年還付給三百英鎊,並且得到國王的批准,將皇家植物花園內的異國植物用於創作。