2014年12月15日 星期一

John Micklethwait入主Bloomberg,The Economist; yearbook / 《年鑑 》附徐先生補充


Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google, is featuring in a remake of our 1996 advert with Henry Kissinger. In the new version released today, Mr Schmidt gets into a lift with a nervous member of staff and leaves him lost for words.
Since our first version of the video in the nineties, The Economist has grown from being a print-only newspaper to being available online, in apps and now also in a daily edition via Economist Espresso. Visit our website or download any of our apps via http://econ.st/1uG89vD

The Economist
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《法鼓山年鑑 2008》財團法人法鼓山文教基金會, 2009.9 ,彩色 662頁。大開眼界
 《法鼓山年鑑 》 The company bid for and won its first international contract in 1975, when it won the publishing and printing contract for the SIPRI Yearbook of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.


戴明博士在經營管理學的洞識力及哲學,應用在產官學可成一澎湃的趨勢。例如〝The Quality Yearbook (1997 Edition,  McGraw-Hill   這系列可能只出版過4年)〞(中,都收有應用在政府、教育界的重要文章。

 英文版《大英百科 》《大美百科 》都有其《年鑑 》---後者1993年的《年鑑 》台灣還有中文版.  The Economist 的  近年《天下》都有翻譯......

的寫作方式    "天下莫不知之" 可是很少單位或人能做得到

我所謂的單位  譬如說 很少大學有其《年鑑 》  諸如《臺灣大學年鑑 2010》之類的---不過該大學的藝文中心卻有出版4-5年的《台大藝文活動年鑑 》(書名待查)

 中國近世最重要和充實的 《胡適日記 》中.胡先生也在某一二個元旦整理過過去一年的大事/發展 後來太忙而放棄了......

  • Andrew Hsu 我大四時,我們系上回來了讀了五個碩士,一個博士的胡述兆老師。他極力推薦The Statesman's Yearbook,他旅行時拿他當書讀,認為是了解世界情勢的最重要工具。.....我平常很喜歡翻工研院IEK各產業的年鑑,很快可以掌握一個產業的概況

這幾個鐘頭之間  我想到忽略我們文學界的"年度選文"等做法.....

Syllabification: (year·book)
Pronunciation: /ˈyi(ə)rˌbo͝ok/
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  • an annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year, especially in a particular field:Yearbook of Physical Anthropology
  • North American a book containing photographs of the senior class in a school or college and details of school activities in the previous year.

Top Bloomberg News Editor Matthew Winkler Is Replaced by Head of The Economist


In a major management change at Bloomberg L.P., Matthew Winkler, the editor in chief and longtime disciple of Michael R. Bloomberg, the company’s founder, is being replaced by the top editor of The Economist.
彭博资讯公司(Bloomberg L.P.)管理层发生重大调整:公司创始人迈克尔·R·布隆伯格(Michael R. Bloomberg)的长期追随者、主编温以乐(Matthew Winkler)的职位,将由《经济学人》(The Economist)总编来接替。
John Micklethwait, who has been editor in chief of The Economist since 2006 and has worked for the publication for the last 27 years, will become the new editor in chief of Bloomberg.
约翰·米克尔思韦特(John Micklethwait)从2006年开始担任《经济学人》总编,过去27年一直在这家杂志任职,他将成为彭博的新主编。
Mr. Winkler, who has worked for Bloomberg for 25 years, will become editor in chief emeritus. A news release issued by Bloomberg credited Mr. Winkler with building “a global news organization that now includes more than 2,400 reporters and editors who are producing 5,000 daily stories from more than 150 bureaus around the world.”
在彭博工作了25年的温以乐将成为该机构的名誉主编(editor in chief emeritus)。彭博发布的一则新闻稿中说,温以乐“打造了一个拥有2400多名记者和编辑的全球新闻机构,他们每天从世界各地的150多家分社发出5000篇报道”。
Jonathan Ernst/Reuters
The move is a major change for Bloomberg, which has been undergoing a transition since Mr. Bloomberg ended his tenure as New York mayor. In September, Mr. Bloomberg said he would take back the reins of the company and that a former deputy mayor, Daniel L. Doctoroff, who ran the organization in his place, would leave by the end of the year.
此举代表着彭博的一个重大调整。自从布隆伯格卸任纽约市长以来,彭博一直在转型。布隆伯格今年9月称,他将重掌这家公司,而代替他负责公司运营的前副市长董德融(Daniel L. Doctoroff)将于年底卸任。
At last week’s 85th anniversary celebration for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the organization’s newsmagazine, Mr. Bloomberg displayed a deep engagement with the news side of his company. He spoke with guests about the magazine in detail and spoke extensively at the event.
上周,在公司旗下新闻杂志《彭博商业周刊》(Bloomberg BusinessWeek)创刊85周年的庆典上,布隆伯格展示了对公司新闻业务的深度参与,他与来宾详细地讨论了这本杂志,并在活动中滔滔不绝地发表了演说。
Kevin Sheekey, a senior executive at Bloomberg, said in an email that the moves were forward-looking and a chance to position the company to thrive in the years to come.
彭博高管凯文·席基(Kevin Sheekey)在一封邮件中说,这些举措具有前瞻性,也是让公司调整定位,从而在未来数年蓬勃发展的机遇。
“Mike’s view has always been to make changes to the business when you’re growing and things are going well,” Mr. Sheekey said. “He would rather prepare for the future than react to it.”
The Economist has been on the forefront of trying to make digital news profitable. In November, it rolled out a paid app called The Economist Espresso, which provides daily summaries of five articles, each no longer than 150 words.
《经济学人》在尝试通过数字新闻盈利方面一直走在前列。今年11月,它推出了付费应用“The Economist Espresso”。这个应用每天提供五篇文章的摘要,每篇摘要篇幅不超过150词。
While The Economist’s total circulation in the United States declined to 795,501 in 2014 from 833,104 in 2013, its digital audience is growing, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.
根据审计媒体联盟(Alliance for Audited Media)的数据,尽管《经济学人》在美国的总发行量从2013年的833104份,下降到了2014年的795501份,其数字受众的规模却在不断扩大。
The Economist has 81,680 buyers of its app in the United States, compared with 62,523 at the same time a year ago.
“When Mike left City Hall, he said the only two publications he would read are Bloomberg Businessweek and The Economist,” Mr. Sheekey said. “He has enormous respect for John and what he’s done.”